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Smaller projects and walk-in customers

Nobody like to waste product or money.

We have decided to take the steps necessary to help resolve those problems by adding our new ½ ton bags to our inventory to give customers another option.

The new bags will be much easier for walk-ins to transport from your yard to their jobsites.

Color Choice:

We offer regular masonry sand along with white washed masonry sand.

What makes our new ½ ton bags stand out?

  • Low profile bags which will allow them to be more stable than a traditional bag.
  • Cheaper-everyone’s favorite!
  • Transporting the sand becomes safer by reducing the weight and taking up less space resulting in a safer environment for everyone.
  • No more wasted sand. If a customer needs less than a ton, there’s no need for them to purchase more than what’s needed which also aids in cleaning up jobsites when completed
  • Waterproof duffle tops that have straps that can be retied for later use when work has been completed for the day.
  • Reusable bags. The bags can be used for whatever might be convenient for the customer, whether it’s used for picking up trash on the job, raking leaves, or collecting aluminum cans.

Over 300 bags of sand kept in stock for your convenience

  • Last minute orders. Let’s face it, we all know about these so why not better prepare ourselves and keep our inventory at a level that better benefits our customers.
  • Emergencies happen all the time in this business. That’s why we offer customer pick-ups. If you have a truck nearby and a customer screaming for sand, give us a call. No minimum purchase required.
  • With customers in SC, NC, and GA, we offer full truckload services from our yard in Saluda, SC to your yard or jobsite!
  • Our sand will always arrive in a clean and dry condition. Our sand is stored underneath a large building where it is bagged. Once bagged, our duffle tops are tied to keep any kind of rain or debris out.


  • Do you offer 1 ton bagged sand? Yes
  • How soon can you have an order delivered? We can have it delivered within 1-2 business days of when we receive the order. Sometimes sooner
  • Can you deliver direct to a jobsite? Yes. We have trucks equipped with piggy back loaders for jobsite deliveries.
  • What’s the minimum order? 22 tons if we deliver. There’s no minimum order for customer pick-ups.
  • Can I order both 1 ton and ½ ton bagged sand on the same truck? Yes, as long as the minimum order is met.
  • What’s your physical address in case I want to send one of my trucks to your yard to pick up? 740 Butler Rd., Saluda, SC 29138. (Please give 1 hour notice)
  • NEW! Ask about logos! We will print your logo on our bags! Call us for further details.