Cromer Trucking is a family-owned business, located in the central portion of South Carolina, and headquartered in Saluda, South Carolina. The development of Cromer trucking began during the 1985 farming draught, when company owner and founder, Gerald Cromer, was searching for a way to supplement and add to his farming revenue. Gerald purchased a truck to haul wheat and soybeans to grain elevators in Charleston, S.C. and Savannah, Georgia aiding both himself and other local farmers.

He continued to work 50/50 between farming and trucking until the 1990s. In 1991 he sold his farming equipment and began hauling for a local building supply company, while adding a sod haul and several brick customers. Soon after, business success allowed him to hire his sister, Marlene Bushy, part-time, to dispatch his truck and manage the business accounts from the utility room of his home.

The growing brick demands facilitated the construction of an independent office and maintenance shed, followed by additional drivers, trucks, and office personnel to handle the expanding volume and customer base. Gwenn Hall, a local bank clerk, joined the team and was tapped to manage accounts receivables.

After graduating college with a degree in business finance, his son Joey Cromer joined the business with responsibilities for customer over-site, marketing, and office operations. The constant upkeep and maintenance for trucks, tractors, forklifts and other equipment provided the opportunity in 2016 to hire a full-time shop foreman and maintenance/safety coordinator, Corey Bedenbaugh.

Expanding operations today include a division for owner/operator and lease-operators, a brokering division, and a sand hauling operations. The company transports flat-bed hauls in the southeastern states, using a dynamic talented team of people and the latest technologies and equipment to deliver high quality customer satisfaction. Driven by a culture of success, customer service is the company’s main focus and is reflected in its mantra “SERVING YOU TODAY IS OUR PLEASURE, SERVING YOU TOMORROW IS OUR GOAL”. Cromer Trucking believes in making the customer No.1.

Gerald Cromer, President
Joseph Cromer, Marketing/Office Executive

Office Staff

Marlene Bushey, Dispatch

Gwen Hall, Accounts/Finance